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In Paphos and especially in the community of Drinias people used to keep the tradition of resi in great extent. Resi was wheat which was taken to the fount by young men and women under the sound of violin, cleaned it, washed it, and strained it and on the next day with this they made one of the most important foods of the wedding, resi. It was a kind of pilaf with grounded corns of wheat which was cooked in chicken and pork brewis et.c in one or two caldrons depending on the population of the village and was offered to all the dinner guests. Resi was very common in Paphos but not in Nicosia and in other cities of Cyprus except from some areas. 

For resi the young women and men who went to the fount used to sing different songs as well as the musicians .The main song though with which they started this procedure was the following: 

Five red handkerchiefs and a nice fez

Come, young girls to wash the resi

Come everybody in the village to go the fount

To wash the resi so we can eat in their wedding. 

Oh! Vigrin Mary of Korfis with the throne in the middle

Come and help us to ground the resi 

Come, my girls to cook the resi

So the groom can eat to see if he likes it. 

Sometimes this procedure for the preparation of resi was left for the following day, on Sunday. 

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