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We could say that Trahanas is well known in Cyprus especially at the villages where there is a well developed cattle breeding.

Delicious and nutritious, an old traditional food. It is about a soup with wheat, kneaded in sour milk . Let’s see further down how this popular and traditional food of the community of Drinias is manufactured:

After the wheat has been well washed it is grounded on a handmill. The grounding is achieved by reverse rotation so the kernels are just peeled and break but they are not grinded. Then it is mixed with sour milk and the mixture is put on fire. When the mixture is boiled it gets congealed and it is molded in small long pieces which are laid in the sun and get dried. These dried pieces are stored and can be kept for a long time.

Every time the housewife wishes to cook soup trahana she takes the quantity she needs from the stored pieces puts them in water where they puff and open and then she boils them in meat brewis. While the soup is cooked she can put little fresh milk. It can also be added haloumi (a kind of traditional Cypriot cheese) cut in small pieces and it is boiled with the soup.Trahanas is served hot after salt pepper and lemon(optional) are added.

This delicious and nutritious soup, Cypriot peopleusedtoeatespeciallyincoldweather. Somepeoplewhoworkedhardusedtoeat trahana soupatdawnbefore they set off for work. But it was also preferable at winter nights . Today dried trahanas , ready to be cooked is sold in the market and shops and is still the favorite soup for the Cypriots at winter nights.

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