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Church of Agios Georgios

In the centre of the village, among the old housesbuiltwithmudbricks and more specifically in the square o the village we can see the small church in a royal type of Saint Georgiou.

Είναι η κεντρική εκκλησία του χωριού και κτίστηκε το 1775.

The church has a roof of tiles and is small . It can hardly take in a hundred people.

Externally it has been built by a bulk stone of the area. The belfry was made of stone too but after the earthquake in September 1952 it collapsed. Later on it was rebuilt.

The precinct is big and comfortable.

Internally there are no hagiographies. In the temple there are two gates. The beautiful gate and the north gate. The temple is made of wood and the icons which are around it are of significant value and are dated to be of the 17th century. But from the years they have been misquoted. But people had made sure though hagiographers for their maintenance.

Eventhoughthechurchissmallithasadonationthatwasfromaresidentofthevillage, the Despoticthrone. The dedicated icon of Saint Georgiou is in the iconostasis next to the one of John the Precursor. There is also one miraculous icon, a very old one of significant value, the one of Virgin Mary the Iiamatousa. Here, almost all the women of the village pray and communicate with the Miraculous Virgin Mary.

The community of Drinias celebrates Saint Giorgio on the 23rd of April and the whole community is gathered to honor that day with congregation and litany of the icon.

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