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Chapel of Agia Marina

According to tradition in the place where the chapel of Saint Marina is today there was another church which as it seems was demolished. In the remainders of this old church, 10 years ago, the church that is today was built. Its location is on the east of the village .The precinct of the chapel is big and comfortable with natural green scenery that is surrounded by the tall cypresses and poplars. It is of Royal type with tiled roof.

Externally it is white .It is a small simple church that can have 30 people. The wooden temple in the internal of the church is simple and has the beautiful central gate. It is surrounded by few icons as well as by a poor wooden psalm book. Saint Marina, according to testimonies in the village, is miraculous and lots of women visit the church and communicate with her. The chapel functions once a year .It is celebrated with festivities on the 17th July. 

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