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Fitiotika broidery

The Fitiotika broidery come from Fiti.But Fitiotika broidery used to make from the nearby villages .It was an impressive broidery but that depended on the weaver and her choice on the design and crewels she used. 

The important thing is that the name was taken from Fiti.This broidery was made through ‘Voufa’(textile mill).The Fitiotiko ploumi (design) was made there where the ‘mitarka’ went upside down with the help of the wooden legs. With the mitarka the crewels were also going up and down. With the use of different colours of thread in the’makoutzin’ther was a variety of colours, a wealthy textile the so called Fitiotiko.  Other names of patterns as they were called is the ploumi, mavromati, and the ploumi of koprikas.

With the press of the one wooden leg half of the crewels went down and created a space among the total number of the crewels. From this space the weaver threaded the fiber rolled in arrow that was called ‘makoutzin’.Pressing the second wooden leg the other crewels went down while the first came up .So the crewels were crossed with each other and with the fiber of the makoutzi. So the weaving kept going and the crewels were unreeled by the ‘pisantin’ so they could be rolled as a textile in the ‘antin’.

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