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Zivana or Zivania from the word zivana (grapes). It is the extract of the wine which is produced in special caldrons with the methods of distillation . Its conciseness in spirit is usually from 47-52%.Since Venice domination until today the production of zivania consists a basic occupation and an important source of income foe the Cypriot wine growers. The distillation of zivania is a traditional skill which is transited to the generations from century to century in almost all the villages that produce wine in Cyprus as well as in our community, Drinia. 

General information: The production of zivania is a good opportunity to use the remaining grapes except those which are used for vinification, currant bearing, market consumption or export.

In addition, with the use of technology people have the chance to use the raw feedstockofraki which is left after wine production. 

The way Zivania i smanufactured: In order to make a good quality zivania the grapes which should be used must be mature and healthy without being melted.The must which will be used for the fermentation should not be more than 12-13° Bomme (an instrument to measure the strength of the grapes), so it can have a complete fermentation. When the Bommemeter shows under zero it means that fermentation is completed and that the saccharine is converted into spirit. Then the wine and the raki are put in the caldron which is full up to the 4/5.It can be said that we have three ways of putting in a Dixie: α) When the wine is extracted by itself b) when the wine and the raki are put in a Dixie together and c) when the zivana is put in the Dixie with some water or with some weak zivana the ‘porako’.

In the base of the caldron they put the ‘mazia’ in order for the zivana not to stick in the bottom. Before the caldron is closed with the zivana they put mazia again to press the zivana. After this they light a fire with woods and vines. Some people use the petrol machines (rocket) and some others gas. Just after the zivania is on the surface the light is decreased because during distillation the fire should be steady and medium that means neither high or low .it must also be noticed that the water of danis should be cold and cool from the middle and down during distillation, a thing that is succeeded with the constant renewal while from the middle and up should be hotter. The new zivania produced should be cool and must be put in a pot.

Zivania has many uses. From the ancient years but even today it is widely used for therapeutic purposes, such as embrocating, cold, wound disinfections, fainting, toothache, as an energy drink in winter et.c. In the old years when the alcoholic drinks were not so well known there was great zivania consumption especially in houses. As the zivania gets older in the barrels or in the ‘kolotzia’ where it is saved by the wine makers, the better and more flavored it becomes.


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